Charter Aircraft Options

This mode of Emergency Transportation is the vehicle by which Fortune 100 companies meet those critical delivery deadlines.

Production downtime, medical emergencies, nuclear reactor maintenance and national disaster relief are typical examples of problems where our Charter Service has been invaluable to our customers.

We will handle unusually large shipments on a 24 hour, 7 day basis. Aircraft available range from Lear Jets to Boeing 747's.

Charter Service Index:

  Prop/Turbo-Prop Executive Jet Narrow-/Mid-Body Wide-Body
Cargo Aircraft
Aircraft Type Cessna/Beech Lear/Falcon B-727/DC-9/B-757 L-1011/B-747/A-300
Weight Capacity 1,500-3,000+ lbs. 5,000-7,000+ lbs. 25,000-60,000+ lbs. 60,000-200,000+ lbs.
Door opening - WxH 53"x53" 36"x39"/74"x56" 140"x85" 140"x110"
Inside-Length x Width x Height 154"x50"x53" 137"x50"x48"+ 240"x90"x90" 480"x102"x110"
Cubic Feet Inside up to 236+ cu. ft. 190-500+ cu. ft. up to 10,500+ cu. ft. up to 38,000+ cu. ft.
Aircraft Container Compatibility Not compatible E/EH/EQ A-types 88"x125" A-types 88" x 125"/ LD-3/5/7/9/11
Range (miles) 750-1,200 miles 3,000+ miles 2,200-7,000 miles 6,000-10,000 miles